DIEM Book 1 is available in 7 different clefs, to suit all instruments.
Starting with pieces covering a range of just a 5th, and progressing to music stretching over two octaves, this book is designed for many uses:

  1. For those beginning to learn an instrument and looking for some melodies to enjoy playing as they develop: Many of the tunes included here have been popular throughout Europe ever since they first appeared in the 16th or 17th centuries. The pieces are taken from both sacred and secular sources from all over Europe and includes vocal and instrumental music.
  2. To learn to read different clefs or play in different pitches: DIEM Book 1 is available in treble (G2), soprano (C1), mezzo-soprano (C2), alto (C3), tenor (C4), baritone (F3), and bass (F4). The easy progression from simple to more advanced music means you start out with just a few notes to learn for each piece, and can build familiarity from there.
  3. Ornamentation. Many of the catchy, popular melodies included here are a perfect basis upon which to add ornaments. Clear examples of how the melodies might be embellished are given in the especially written variations. These are designed to enable players of all levels to start to hone their skills and develop confidence.

DIEM Book 1 is available exclusively as a downloadable PDF and costs €12


* denotes a melody with specially written variation(s)

  1. Helas Madame: Henry VIII
  2. Gavotte: Michael Praetorius
  3. Bransle Double 1: Michael Praetorius
  4. Pastime: Henry VIII
  5. La Canarie: Michael Praetorius
  6. Allemande: Tant Que Vivrai: Moritz Von Hessen
  7. Schiarazula Marazula: Giorgio Mainerio
  8. Tedescha: Giorgio Mainerio
  9. Bransle Double I: Michael Praetorius
  10. Bransle Courant: Michael Praetorius
  11. Une Mousse De Biscaye* : Anon
  12. La Cornetta: Anon.
  13. La Parma: Giorgio Mainerio
  14. Bergerette San Roch: Tielman Susato
  15. Bransle Double III: Michael Praetorius
  16. Gavotte II: Michael Praetorius
  17. Bransle De Villages: Michael Praetorius
  18. Bransle De Villages II: Michael Praetorius
  19. Ronde : Tielman Susato
  20. Psalm 68*: Philibert Jambe De Fer
  21. The Silver Swan*: Orlando Gibbons
  22. Philov: Michael Praetorius
  23. Den IX Ronde: Tielman Susato
  24. Branle: Tielman Susato
  25. Come away, Come sweet love*: John Dowland
  26. Amarilli Mia Bella: Giulio Caccini
  27. Pavan: Anthony Holborne
  28. Nachtegael: Jacob Van Eyck
  29. Come Again*: John Dowland
  30. Bransle de la Royne: Michael Praetorius
  31. La Bouree: Michael Praetorius
  32. La Spagnoletta: Michael Praetorius
  33. L’Homme Armé: Johannes Regis
  34. Courrant: Anon.
  35. Galliard: Anthony Holborne
  36. Gray’s Inn The First: Giovanni Coperario
  37. Bransle Double (V): Michael Praetorius
  38. Amarilleken*: Jacob Van Eyck
  39. For Cornets & Sagbuts ‘Ayre I’: John Adson
  40. Almayne: Anthony Holborne
  41. Est-ce Mars*: Pierre Guédron
  42. For Cornets & Sagbuts ‘Ayre II’: John Adson
  43. Daphne*: Anon.
  44. Ave Maris Stella*: Claudio Monteverdi
  45. Courrant I: Michael Praetorius
  46. Courrant II: Michael Praetorius
  47. Courrant III: Michael Praetorius
  48. Une Jeune Fillette*: Jean Chardevoine
  49. Greensleeves*: Henry VIII
  50. Recercada Preimera: Diego Ortiz